Why We Run: A Quick List of Advice to Keep Running

We all know how difficult it is getting out of bed to do anything at all, let alone go on a run but trust us, it will feel much better if you did compared to if you didn’t. And figuring out why you want to run in the first place will help with motivation (and subsequently, action!).

So, gather your wits and get moving. Running will make you feel better, and you’ll be glad you stuck to your routine.

Let’s look at 12 ideas that will help motivate you to run consistently.

Reward Yourself.

Prizes do not need to stop in the classroom or your childhood. Make a system of rewards for yourself. Track your progress with check-in streaks of going out consecutively in a week. You can create rewards and claim the prizes yourself. Treat yourself to a good meal, watch a good movie, and maybe a day off from running ⁠— okay, perhaps not that last one. 

Running Time is Not as Important.

If you feel like the day is more challenging than expected and you seem to be lasting half as much as you usually used to, just finish up and take a break. Knowing your limits and stopping is much better than getting demotivated and quitting altogether.

Maintain a Healthy Weight.

Running is a cardio workout, and a cardio workout burns a lot of calories. Pair this with a healthy diet, and you will be bulking up, losing weight, or becoming a better you.

Find Other Runners.

Meeting up with fellow runners does an excellent deal for motivation. If not for the bond you can foster with each other or the time you spend running together, being in a group allows you to take accountability for continuing your running streak.

Runner’s High

It is real. You can start to notice improvements in your mood as your body starts releasing endorphins to lower your stress levels ⁠— relieving pain, soothing stress and generally improving your mood.

Set Goals

Splitting your goals into smaller, more achievable goals will make running not seem so daunting. You can break a 5km run into 1km intervals and observe how much you improve.

Dress for the Exercise 

Look good, feel good. Dressing in athleisure or workout clothing can affect you positively if you feel good and comfortable in them. Nice and bright colors can look good in workout clothes, and you might not have the same opportunity to wear them on other occasions. 

Let the Music Move You

Listen to your favorite songs while running! Better yet, create a playlist with them in it ⁠— especially those that make you want to move it. Letting the music excite you can be that burst of energy you need to keep running.

Use a Companion App

There are companion apps that can track your running routes, running times, and steady progression over time. Seeing yourself improve in these apps can be the push you need to keep it up.

Switch it Up!

Instead of going for the same daily routes, try running shorter distances with shorter allotted times, challenge yourself with uphill runs, or even just taking detours to places you have never been to. Variety is the spice of life!

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Feel the Sunshine on your Face

Running is an excellent way to get the necessary sunlight to boost serotonin levels, improving your mood while reducing depression and anxiety.

Set Your Own Pace

As humans, we are programmed biologically to love the sun. Exposure to the sun will improve your mood and encourage the production of many feel-good hormones.

Staying motivated is the key to all of this. If you can do it in a day, you can do it in a week. If you can do it in a week, you can do it in months. If you did it once, you could do it again and again and again.

Continue with whatever works for you, whether it is doing it at a consistent time every day or changing the time whenever you feel like it. As long as you can stay motivated the longest, then that is the best thing to do

Do not forget to mix it up like mentioned before to avoid boredom and burnout. Run-on a highway if you must or are bored of running hills or streets (but do not forget to stay safe and know your limits.)


Whether you’re a morning runner or enjoy an evening jog, the decision to keep up with this habit of moving is up to you. Finding reasons to not run is easy, but the same can be said for the opposite of it. Just focus on your goals, however big or small, and make sure you get to them bit by bit. Maybe follow one or two of the tips we shared above to help you get going.

And lastly, don’t forget to enjoy yourself together with the benefits of running.

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