About us

Running is one of the best exercises you can do. It is a very natural activity that most kids start running when they can walk. However, if you’re starting to run as an exercise or as a regular activity, you should know how to do it properly to lower any risks and chances of injuries.

Runalyzer.com is a running site for all kinds of runners. Our mission is to be able to reach out to anyone who wants to run and teach them the proper way of running. We have dedicated runners who love running and sharing the love of running. We want to teach the best way to start running at any age. We believe that running is healthy, inexpensive, and enjoyable. It is a great addition to any exercise regimen, and we want to see people enjoy it more.

Runalyzer.com is about the passion for running, and it is about the enjoyment of running, both indoors and outdoors.

There is a joy in running that runners feel. Runner’s high is real, and it helps with both physical and psychological health, as well as mental acuity. It is hard to share the feeling with others who have not had the joy of running. With Runalyzer.com, beginners have a resource to help them get started. The site is for beginners, mid-level, and expert-level runners. We assist adults, seniors, teenagers, and kids. Running is not limited to those who can but want to run but cannot do so or have the time to enjoy it. 

It can be a difficult journey, and Runalyzer.com is here to help. We are the complete resource for runners, coaches, teachers, and parents, and it is a sharing and learning site for runners and others interested in running.